Our primary focus is in the area of Employment Law — guiding, advising and representing employees in employment-related matters such as:

      • Employment Contracts
      • Severance Agreements / Severance Packages
      • Employment Termination Issues
      • Wrongful Termination
      • Whistleblower Cases/ Retaliation Cases
      • Discrimination Cases
      • Sexual Harassment Cases
      • Wage / Hour / Overtime Violation Issues
      • Non-Compete & Confidentiality Contract Matters
      • Qui Tam / False Claims Act Cases
      • Executive Compensation and Executive Employment Issues
      • Unpaid Wage Claims
      • Hostile Work Environment Cases
      • Unemployment Compensation
      • Abuse of Power by Employer, Clergy
      • Employee Discipline Issues
      • Workplace Violence Cases
      • Medical Provider / Doctor Employment Agreements and Intra-Medical Group Disputes
      • Professional License Disputes, Florida DBPR, BON, DOE, BOM License Issues and Discipline
      • Shareholder-Employee Issues and Disputes
      • And most  aspects of the workplace and employee-employer relationship

We advise and represent executives, professionals such as physicians and attorneys, managers, and employees of all levels and industries.  Our personalized one-on-one service is based upon the understanding that each client and each case is unique, requiring individualized attention and assessment.  Employers typically have lawyers to guide them in employment matters; employees often need legal advice related to their employment issues to level the playing field.  A consultation with a qualified employment lawyer at an early stage in a dispute can guide the employee into a sound strategy.

The law firm of Sigman & Sigman, P.A. represents clients throughout Central Florida.