Florida’s Unemployment Compensation Law provides benefits for most employees who are terminated from their employment.  Unemployment Compensation benefits can be denied only in limited circumstances such as when the employee is terminated for actual ‘misconduct’ as narrowly defined by the statute or where the employee voluntarily quits work without good cause attributable to the employer.  Employees who file for Unemployment Compensation benefits and are denied their claims can appeal the decision.

Often employers contest Unemployment Compensation benefits in circumstances where the employee is in fact entitled to benefits.  These benefits are intended to be a safety net, and are not denied based upon mere poor work performance.   Employees who are denied benefits or whose former employer appeals the benefits award should seek legal counsel so that they become knowledgeable in the legal standards to argue in their Unemployment Compensation Benefits Appeals.   Some employees consult counsel and then handle the hearings on their own, while other employees retain attorneys to represent them in their Unemployment Compensation Benefits hearings.

Sigman & Sigman, P.A., Attorneys at Law understands the unnecessary burden which can be placed upon a family in the event of being denied Unemployment Compensation Benefits.  Since 1992, the lawyers / attorneys at Sigman & Sigman, P.A., Attorneys at Law have been advocates in protecting the rights of employees in Orlando and throughout the Central Florida area.